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Crisan zone

Crisan zone
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The Crisan village is the place from wich fork the majority of the escapades in the Danube Delta. Being a fishing village of its origin, the Crisan village faced a quik development because of its privileged position on the most circulated channel, Sulina, frequented by both commercial and touristic ships.

The largest three channels of the river conjugate their courses in this point, offering the key of access to the most interesting touristic routes along the river: to the south aeria - arriving at the famous sand banks from Caraorman, Puiu Lake and Rosu Lake, and to the north, between the old Danube's channels - arriving at Mila 23 village or at the Letea forest.

Today the Crisan village represents an economical potential, especially from the tourism point of view - waiting to be valorified through all its aspects.

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