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Proposed trips and routes

Proposed trips and routes
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The Delia Pension organizes and proposes to its guests the following routes in Danube Delta:

  • Providing of the transport between Tulcea - Crisan and back for its guests

  • Visit of the Crisan village (8 km lenght) and of its neighborhood: the small channels that surround the aeria, the monument, the place where the fish is collected every day from the fish-man, the Lebada Complex and other zonal touristic objectives.

  • Crisan - Mila 23 (including the visit of the fishing village and of the passing by lakes: Lighianca, Fortuna and Sontera) and back.

  • Crisan - Caraorman (including the visit of the village and of the natural sand banks, together with a small trip to the Puiu and Rosu Lakes) and back.

  • Crisan - Sulina (including the visit of the town and a few moments spent at the Black Sea beach; the tourists will have the unique occasion to watch the natural phenomen through which the sweet-water of the Danube river flows into the salted Black Sea) and back.

  • Crisan - Letea - Periprava (including the visit of the village and of the famous old forest, together with a small trip to the Matita and Merhei Lakes and the Suez Channel) and back.

  • As an option, by request of the tourists, there is the possibility of organizing longer trips to the Chilia and St. Gheorghe Channels (sturgeons fishing) or to others touristic objectives along to the Danube Delta, pleasure and amusement rides for botanists and ornithologists or fishing and hunting matches.

    Guided by Delia Pension hosts, you will discover the miracle of the nature in a totally forgotten of the delta.

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